For 10 years, ACFOR has led the effort to protect the Acadian Forest through sustainable forestry and we now are excited to be part of the shift away from oil towards local, renewable energy systems with woody biomass.

Our Promise

Our promise as a company is that we'll work to preserve forests, build better energy that benefits local populations and to build systems that best benefit people as individuals and their families, communities as a whole and the planet 

Our Mission

We want to create a better legacy for our children: people who are empowered, fulfilled and proud; communities that are thriving with employment; and opportunities and mother earth protected and strengthened. 

Our Approach

Our approach is to maximise the benefits to the community, to make people wealthier and prouder. Find out more here.

What We've Achieved

  • Installation of 6 bioheat boilers in Prince Edward Island.
  • Creation of the first profitable large-scale sustainable forestry company in the Maritimes.
  • Displacing 400 tonnes of CO2 a year
  • Created 5 jobs in PEI and 10 in NB