Our mission is to leave a legacy for a better planet, stronger communities and empowered people for the Maritimes. Transitioning to better systems requires a lot of eduction and learning. We want people to be aware and educated on the change that is happening and to feel comfortable and safe within them.

This section will seek to answer all the main question relative to forestry, bioenergy and the systems we know are better for people, communities and planet.


Did you know that bioenergy is a renewable energy that is produced locally, is carbon neutral. It creates the most jobs locally out of any of the renewable energies.  It also have the advantage of not being intermittent. 

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There is a much better way to forestry than massive clear cuts that can be both sustainable and profitable. We are proud of the work we do in forestry which is benefical to all parties: to landowners who can profit short and long term from their land, to communities who can protect and preserve their forests, to animals, plants and ecosystems who can continue to thrive forever.

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