We are very proud to say that our work is having a beneficial impact on people, communities and planet.


This is the vision and the legacy we want to leave to PEI. Find out how we're accomplishing these impacts.


PEI's own Renewable Energies

Most of our energy comes from the outside. We all know that oil is running out. By buliding up our own energy resources, we build up resiliency and are more immune to shocks from the outside.  We will have a stable energy supply, right here at home. We are proud to build PEI's and the Maritime's energy resiliency in a world where energy is more and more of a pressing concern.


Keep Energy dollars at home - $200 Million Opportunity

The possibilities for PEI are tremendous. We import 190 million Liters of heating oil every year. That's $200 million that leaves PEI's economy every year. PEI's English school board's total expenses is $136 million (2012-2013 data).  Bioenergy allows for prosperity for PEI in many ways:

  • Local purchase of fuel and spin-off from local bioenergy sector
  • Lower taxes for Isladners through savings in heat costs for schools and hospitals
  • Added revenues for land owners
  • Job creation for Islanders and multiplier effect of those jobs

Local Investment

Keeping in line with our general approach to maximize benefits for Islanders, we are launching a CEDB, a local investment fund, to garner local investment and further grow the industry.

Local Jobs


  1. Now : full time: 5people: 500,000L
  2. For each 100,000L of oil : add 1 person per 100,000L
  3. 2 Forest machines operator
  4. - 1 Trucker
  5. - 1 Boiler technician (Dick)
  6. - 1 Community Outreach
  7. - 1 part time mechanic
  8. - 2 Labourer: delivery and fuel


Each installation : 10 contractors 

  1. - 1 Electrician
  2. - 3 Plumbers
  3. - 5 construction workers
  4. - 1 Welder

Community Vibrancy

Bringing back our youth from Alberta

Morgan Arsenault, from Wellington, PE, came home from Alberta, is one example of how we are rebuilding community vibrancy. Morgan has come home with his girlfriend Krista and they are very pleased to be able to be home, and Morgan is very happy to be working in a job he believes in.




Carbon Neutral, Local, Renewable

Burning woody biomass is a carbon neutral source of fuel, as the carbon releasing when it is burnt is recaptured by the trees during photosynthesis.