"People who produce good results feel good about themselves."

- Ken Blanchard

We want to leave a proud legacy that will have a beneficial impact on people, communities and planet.

Energy Independence - Building PEI's Local, Renewable Energy

We use imported fossil fuels to do most of our heating.  The price of that oil has gone up over 250% in the last 10 years. This is a great risk for Islanders and makes little sense, considering we have local sources of energy. By accumulating our own energy resources, we build up resiliency and are more immune to shocks from the outside.  

Rising Oil Costs.png

We will have a stable energy supply, right here at home. We are proud to build PEI's and the Maritime's energy resiliency in a world where energy is more and more of a pressing concern. As for August 2014, we have successfully replaced over 700,000 Litres of oil every year, and we're just getting started. 

Local Energy - a $200,000,000 opportunity

The possibilities for PEI are tremendous. We import 190 million Liters of heating oil every year. That's approximately $200 million that leaves PEI's economy every year. If we can find ways to produce all that energy, we keep those dollars at home. Bioenergy allows for prosperity for PEI in many ways:

  • Local purchase of fuel and spin-off from local bioenergy sector
  • Lower expenses for Islanders through savings in heat costs for schools and hospitals
  • Added revenues for land owners
  • Job creation for Islanders and multiplier effect of those jobs

Creation of Local Jobs

We have already created 12 jobs in sustainable forestry and bioenergy. Each time we replace 100,000 L of oil, we create an average of 1 additional full time job. Also, for each installation, we accrue short-term employment for 10 contractors.

Full-time jobs created include forest machine operators, truckers, boiler technicians, marketing and management, mechanics.

Contract work includes: electricians, plumbers, construction workers, welders, labourers.


Reduce Unemployment And Bring Our Youth Back from Alberta

It is important for us to revitalize our communities and give opportunities to our young people. We want to reduce unemployment and bring back our youth from Alberta. Morgan Arsenault, from Wellington, PE, is one such example. He was working in Alberta, until he was able to find work with ACFOR as a specialized forestry machine operator.  Morgan is very happy to be working in a job he believes in.


Restoring the Acadian Forest

The Acadian forest is a special blend of forest which only exists in the Maritimes and in New England. The forest has been depleted, and we are excited about the prospects of working with Islanders and Maritimers to start a process today that will leave a legacy of a better forest for the future generations. We have so far restored 1000's of acres of forests and we're just getting started.

Carbon Neutral, Local, Renewable

We're reducing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. Burning woody biomass is a carbon neutral source of fuel, as the carbon releasing when it is burnt is recaptured by the trees during photosynthesis. So far we have displaced over 1900 tonnes of CO2 every year. That is the equivalent of removing over 800 cars of the road every year.