Our Story Begins With the Forest

ACFOR was born out of the love for the Acadian forest, and the desire to restore this beautiful mixed type forest by showing that forestry could be restorative yet profitable.  We also wanted to show that rural communities could manage their resources better and more sustainably.

From this idea, ACFOR was founded in 2006 as a small ecological forestry company doing sustainable forestry management plans for woodlot owners and selective harvesting.  ACFOR quickly became an alternative solution for woodlot owners who wanted value from their forest and wanted to preserve it and who were struggling between two choices of clear-cut versus conservation. 

We saw our work had truly impacted the restoration of the Acadian Forests, and we saw it in our clients' eyes that they were proud to be contributing to a better forest and a better future.  It was clear to us that there were many more opportunities like these, notably empowering communities with biomass energy. We want to be a part of the great opportunity of replacing fossil fuels with local renewable fuel.

Our Purpose: Better Legacy

Our purpose stems from the question: What is the legacy that we want to leave?

We want to create the world that we want our children to live in. One with thriving, restored Acadian forests. One with opportunities for families socially and economically. One with resilient, vibrant, sustainable communities  that have built prosperity, independence and pride. 

Our Mission

We know that most Maritimers are like us; they want to see their communities and the planet change for the better. They want more control and empowerment of their natural resources. They want to build wealth and jobs at home and have their family members come back from out West - permanently

ACFOR’s mission is to restore forests, create better, local, renewable energy systems and empowered communities for today and tomorrow. 

Our mission is manifested through our work: restorative forestry, local renewable bioenergy and value-added, innovative social entrepreneurship. 

Our Values

Our values keep us grounded and in line with who and where we want to be. They are the key to our successes so far.

  1. Transparency: To have an open and honest relationship with our clients and partners.
  2. Passion: All ACFOR employees are passionate about what they do, and we hope our clients and partners are too, and if not, we hope they become passionate about the forest, sustainability and the possibilities we can all build together.
  3. FamilyAt ACFOR, we know the importance of a good work/life balance, that's why we like to spend quality time with our families. So if you call us and we don't answer, we're probably spending some time with our loved ones. Don't worry, leave a message and we will call you back :)
  4. Innovation: We love to find solutions to the big issues. We often hear "that's not possible", to which we answer: "How do we make it possible?" Innovation has gotten us the success we've had so far and we're excited about all the solutions, often simple, that we haven't thought of yet.
  5. Balance: We believe in having all solutions be win-win. We believe we don't need to choose between family and work, between ecology and economy, between two business competitors. We believe win-win solutions are always possible that will make all parties happy.
  6. Humility: Being in the forest teaches you humility: the forest's ecosystems are much too complex for any human to fully understand. We also know that we have our limits, and we are excited to work with others to achieve great goals together.

Our Approach

Can we profit from the land and improve it at the same time? 

Our approach puts community, people and planet at the center of our operations.  Unlike many other companies, we are not solely driven by profit but by our contribution to our society and our planet. This is demonstrated by our work. Our forestry is sustainable and restorative, yet profitable. It allows for the long-term use of renewable fuel from wood chips. Our heating operations are designed to maximise benefits for communities as they are paying less for their heat while getting outstanding service. We are pleased to be able to offer solutions to energy and forestry challenges of PEI. 

Our Results

We currently have 6 projects which are located across Prine Edward Island. We want to create a better legacy for our children: people who are empowered, fulfilled and proud; communities that are thriving with employment; and opportunities and mother earth protected and strengthened.

  • Installation of 6 bioheat boilers in Prince Edward Island.
  • Replaced over 700,000 L of heating oil annually with local sustainable wood chips
  • Created 5 jobs in PEI and 10 in NB
  • Displacing over 1900 tonnes of CO2 emissions a year from fossil fuels
  • 1000s of acres of Acadian Forest restored