Committed to healthy forests, clean energy and vibrant communities


ACFOR started out of the conviction that forestry should be ecological, restorative, and yet commercially profitable.  Since then, our company has been innovating to show that not only is better forestry possible, but so are better energy and more vibrant rural communities as a result.  Read on to find out more.

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About Us

We are passionate about the forest, renewable energy and building a better society for the Maritimes.

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Our Work

We displace imported oil as a source of heating by using locally-produced wood chips obtained using ecological forestry.

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Our Impact

What drives us is the legacy that we're leaving for people, planet and communities. We believe our work is contributing to building a better, stronger Maritimes. 

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Get Involved 

Interested in building a better Maritimes? Find out how you can get involved. Islanders can help build renewable bioenergy in PEI by investing. 

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